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Qualifications and certificates

FMK Sp. z o.o. holds Welding Certificates issued by TUV Rheinland according to standard EN 1090-1 which authorizes to welding of construction elements made of steel acc. to EN 1090-2. Thanks to this certificate, we are allowed to perform welding works within a wide range of material classes and welding methods.

Among the staff of 120 people, there is a large (over 40 persons) group of qualified welders.

We weld regular construction, high-durability and wear-resistant steel, alloy steel for works at higher temperatures, high-alloy stainless steel, and heat-resistant steel. For the performed works, we issue a warranty covering the whole range of tests according to the product class and the Customer’s requirements. The assessment of performed works is always accompanied by an authorized laboratory.

The company has devices that allow welding with the following methods:
  • gas welding and cutting
  • arch welding with coated electrodes
  • manual welding in argon shield
  • Semi-automatic TIG welding with MIG
  • MAG plasma cutting

At the Office of Technical Preparation of Production, we employ highly qualified staff of engineers who are capable of designing with AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. Employees hold the European Welder Competence Certificates as well as the Competence Certificate that authorizes to control VT2 welding processes.FMK is authorized for the use of welding technology for boiler steel up to class 16M according to PN-75/H-84024 (16MO3 according to DIN 17175:1979). The range of the authorization covers metal sheets with thickness from 3mm to 20mm and pipes within the range of Æ ³ 30mm and g ³ 3mm.

Recognition of these welding technologies precedes receiving the authorization for construction of pressure devices made of non-alloy and boiler steel.

Currently, the Company has been implementing a Quality Management System in accordance with Standard ISO 9001:20015.

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