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FMK Sp. z o.o. - Screw-conveyor feeders

Screw conveyors

Screw-conveyor feeders are universal machines commonly used in the agricultural industry as well as in grain storage, construction, and many other economic sectors. Their main purpose is to transport seeds, fodder, cement, alternative fuels, pea coal, fine coal, and any other type of loose material (but not only) over short distances.

Commonly, they are used as crucial elements of production lines and technological chains.

Devices differ from each other by the working length, capacity, work angle, travel, outer diameter, drives type, etc. FMK Sp. z o.o. owns a modern machinery park that is used to produce screw conveyors with parameters adjusted to particular applications. In order to satisfy customers’ requirements, we opened a material transport laboratory, so that we are able to test prototypes of screw conveyors in order to optimize them in terms of energy consumption or to determine the required working characteristics.

Cold forming

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FMK Sp. z o.o. - Screw-conveyor feeders

We own a CNC machine that allows forming blades through cold forming. As a result, we are able to provide a screw conveyor with blades that offer a wide range of parameters. We create elements that feature unique precision and repeatability. Devices meet the rigorous standards included in the currently applicable European directives, which is confirmed by the attached certificates. We provide screw conveyors made of stainless steel, heatresisting steel, or even acid resistant steel.

Transport with a screw is performed horizontally, at a specific angle, or vertically. The modular construction of those devices facilitates adjusting them to specific functions, i.a.: feeding, selecting, and dosing. We use powder coating to paint industrial perpetual screws with a selected RAL color.

Types of screw-conveyor feeders

With regard to structure and type of application, we can distinguish several basic types of industrial perpetual screws. Tray screw conveyors are equipped with a special enclosure the shape of which resembles letter U or V. Removable lids allow easy access to the perpetual screw, so this type of feeders is used at any place that involves the risk of transporting elements getting wedged or stuck. Devices are produced in several load versions: light, medium, and heavy. Upon request, they can be adjusted to the ATEX standard.

Pipe screw conveyors have an enclosure in the shape of a pipe inside of which the perpetual screw operates. They are tight and made of wear resistant materials, which guarantees long service life. The high-quality construction reduces vibrations and, as a result, tiresome noise. This type of screw conveyors is very often used in the mining industry, at cement plants, for production of limestone and gypsum, and in foundry. We offer a rich selection of inlet and outlet holes as well as methods for shaft sealing.

Our offer also includes the Archimedean screw turbine. It consists of a closed or open pipe with screw-shaped rotor bar inside it. It uses the kinetic energy of a water stream or river. What is important, this solution is environmentally friendly (fish and other small aquatic life can be safely transported in the water), so it can be applied in all places that require compliance with strict environmental standards. It also features low operating costs and high reliability.

Devices for material transport

Transport with a screw dispenser takes place at a minimum level of power consumption. It also features high efficiency at low rpm. The lack of screws and nuts inside the dispensers greatly decreases requirements for maintenance. Eventual repairs can be performed within a short period, which helps avoid cost-intensive downtimes at the plant. Among others, this is the reason why screw transport has currently been one of the most popular solutions in many industrial fields.

What is more, spiral conveyors have been designed in a way that allows transport of various types of non-homogeneous materials, such as screenings, food processing waste, or paste. Screw conveyors also feature a high level of self-cleaning.

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FMK Sp. z o.o. - Screw-conveyor feeders

Each ordered screw conveyor can be produced in many options, with the use of accessories that expand its functionality. We apply various types of liners and drive transmission methods. As a result, we can offer an advanced transport with screw conveyors, compliant with individual expectations, to a wide group of customers. Detailed information can be received by contacting the company by phone or via the form below. Let us start our cooperation.

The reliable transport with a feeding screw

Our feeding screws are manufactured only from high-quality materials while the very structure was designed in a way that ensures its lightness and universal character. This way, industrial conveyors have a wide range of applications. The simple installation is another advantage, because it does not require special tools nor expert knowledge. The assembly is quick, so customers are able to do it by themselves.
When one combines high-quality materials and simple structure, it results in reliability.
Stainless steel conveyors are resistant to effects of corrosive factors, so they feature durability and long lifespan.
Thus, feeding-screw transport is considered to be one the most reliable conveyor methods used in agriculture (especially in the grain conveyor), industry, as well as other production-oriented sectors.

Stainless screw-conveyor feeder – construction and operation

A feeder of loose materials comprises of:
  • a screw gutter, the so-called tray (with or without a cover),
  • a conveyor screw with a shaft and pivots,
  • a drive unit,
  • an inlet and an outlet.

The use of conveyors requires setting a proper working angle, which is usually below 45°. Our offer also includes vertical conveyors that are a proper solution for fast loading of large silos. Their capacity is usually from about a dozen to several dozen tons per hour. The vertical screw conveyor can be additionally facilitated with multiple access separators that allow simultaneous loading of several silos with only a small decrease in capacity.

Screw feeders are propelled by gear-motors equipped with frequency inverters. It is available in several versions (e.g. collar or attached) and mounted depending on the needs. A tray feeder can then feature a drive on the side of the inlet and the outlet. The rotational speed of the perpetual screw can be adjusted during exploitation.

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FMK Sp. z o.o. - Screw-conveyor feeders

Conveyors with a construction of a feeding screw are mainly intended for loose materials. It results directly from their structure. There are pipe screw conveyors and tray conveyors. The former are made from pipes with a round section that utilizes an internal shaft with blades that differ depending on the required capacity, type of conveyed raw material, etc. Tray screw conveyors, on the other hand, utilize a U or V-shaped enclosure that covers the perpetual screw along the entire length. It can be opened on the top, which provides a fast and seamless access. Apart from that, there is also the Archimedean screw turbine, which is also available in our offer. It is an environmentally friendly and, at the same time, relatively efficient solution wherever there is a requirement to comply with environmental standards.

Tailor-made screw conveyors

A narrow-minded approach is not necessarily the best one. That is why we offer construction of a spiral feeder in several various ways. We may undertake implementing any project thanks to an expanded machine park and qualified engineers. All you need to do is to provide us with your requirements, so that we can adjust the vertical, tray, pipe, or any other screw-conveyor feeder. We will make every effort to make the final product meet your demands.

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FMK Sp. z o.o. - Screw-conveyor feeders
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