Renovations of devices

and servicing for enterprises in the cement, limestone, and gypsum industries.

We perform traffic maintenance services as well as renovations at Małogoszcz Cement Plant, Nowiny Cement Plant and Dolina Nidy. Thanks to our long-term experience, we can cooperate with traffic maintenance services, which encourages us to work constantly in order to modernize and improve parts and rendered services. Such operations greatly lower the costs.

We conduct constant unification of individual devices at the serviced companies in order to minimize the required number of spare parts.

Examples of projects:

  • Renovation of raw material mills
  • Renovation of cement mills
  • Renovation of a clinker and slag drying plant
  • Renovation of a packing station
  • Renovation of a palletizing station
  • Renovation of a CKD installation
  • Renovation of a rotary furnace
  • Renovation of cement transport
  • Renovation of crushers and sifters
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