Research and development

In 2017, we established the department for RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT in our company. We know the importance of innovative approach towards designing and manufacture of equipment for the development of a company. In order to ensure full satisfaction of our customers, we passionately try to meet the highest quality standards of the products and services we offer.

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FMK is supported by long-term experience of our engineers who are ready to undertake new challenges and find creative solutions. In order to ensure the highest precision and diligence of implemented projects, we use advanced methods of computer-aided design. EDEM software is the indispensable tool we use in everyday work. It offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • tests of behavior of loose materials during transport, processing, and storage by the use of any machines and devices,
  • virtual tests of machines and devices with regard to their functionality, thanks to which it is possible to avoid any design errors,
  • determination of transport performance, drive power consumption, movement resistance, and any other important values,
  • shaping of chutes, elevator buckets, shape of scrapers, setting angles of devices, etc.
  • optimization and comparison of construction solutions.


What is more, we started a cooperation with the development department of the company EDEM. The cooperation is based on mutual support during implementation of complex technical issues and on exchange of knowledge and experience.


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