Durable stainless-steel blades

FMK Sp. z o.o. is a producer of advanced screw conveyors and blades. We specialize in producing stainless steel blades and other classes of blades, depending on the needs of the ordering party. We have a machinery park equipped with state-of-the-art technological solutions. In cold forming of blades for perpetual screws, we use a high-quality CNC machine of versatile capabilities. As a result, we are able to maintain our prices at a constant and low level while meeting short implementation periods and the highest standards. The basic advantage of the machine we own is the possibility of producing stepless blades, which means for any designed outside diameter and diameter of the mounting hole on the shaft. It provides the ability to produce a screw conveyor for any diameter, depending on the expected capacity and e.g. the possibility of line development. Thanks to the acquired experience and branded equipment, we are able to maintain high repeatability of production. As a producer of screw conveyors, we are aware of the requirements that such devices must meet.

Screw-conveyor feeders are used in many fields of the industry – to unload, dose, transport, or load materials. Because of this, the perpetual screws inside them must satisfy rigorous quality and technological criteria. That is why we established a Research and Development Department the task of which is to provide comprehensive support for designing and the production process. We also use EU subsidies in order to develop new technologies and innovative solutions.

All the models we produce are covered by a guarantee and have the required certificates that confirm the high operation parameters and the compliance with current European standards.

Among others, we produce blades for perpetual screws:

1. of construction steel – by using sheets with thickness of 2 to 32 mm at a maximum height of the blade ribbon of 600mm and cross-sectional area of the bent material of 192 cm2.
2. of stainless, acid resistant steel – by using sheets with thickness of 2 to 32 mm at a maximum height of the blade ribbon of 600mm and cross-sectional area of the bent material of 96cm2,
3. wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and specialpurpose steel – by using sheets with thickness of 2 to 32 mm at a maximum height of the blade ribbon of 600mm and cross-sectional area of the bent material of 192 cm2. The shafts we produce have diameters from 25 to 600 mm, both round and square. Thanks to an advanced machinery park, we can offer mass production at maximum limitation of costs.

A broad offer of blades for perpetual screws

Thanks to the full control over the whole production process, we are able to reduce technological errors to the minimum. When ordering screw blades from our company, you do not have to worry about defects like gaps between the shaft and the blade or blade ends that do not adhere to each other. Among others, we offer:

– blades for a tapered shaft,
– blades for a shaft with a concentrated travel,
– ribbon blades,
– blades with notches on the outside and inside,
– shafts with a variable travel,
– blades with variable diameters,
– blades with replaceable overlays,
– and many other

When producing blades of HB400 steel, we are aware that such elements are to be adjusted to very difficult conditions. The blades we form with cold forming provide resistance to abrasion while maintaining the required quality and technological parameters. Parameters that are possible to be determined, such as hardness of metal sheet, make blades of wear-resistant steel have a repeatable life so that it is easy to schedule their maintenance and predict the wear. The application of HARDOX metal sheets causes the steel spiral become resistant even to extreme impacts and transport of materials with high ratio of external friction.
Thanks to the full control over the whole production process, we are able to reduce technological errors to the minimum. When ordering screw blades from our company, you do not have to worry about defects like: gaps between the shaft and the blade or blade ends that do not adhere to each other. We can produce blades with incomplete outside and inside forms as well as hollow blades.
We also produce Archimedean screws that are commonly used in water turbines. Do to the unique character of the location such elements are to operate, when we design them, we always acknowledge the specificity of flows and characteristic topography.
We produce stirrer screws for mixers used in the steel and ceramic industry. They are used to mix construction materials, such as concrete or mortar and, moreover, they are used in production of various ceramic materials. Perpetual screws very often have a special impregnated layer that is highly resistant to abrasion.
Every spiral gravity grain separator or perpetual screw we produce is compliant with parameters specified by the ordering party, also in any quantity. We own technology thanks to which we can create precise, repeatable elements adjusted to work under specific conditions.
We are able to produce various kinds of twist bits used, i.a. in drilling machines. Depending on the requirements, the screw line can be made with a fixed or variable travel.
Stainless steel blades cover a wide range of applications in construction of pipe screw conveyors used in particular in technology for protection of the environment, in food transport processes, the pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and many other. We produce such blades with extraordinary accuracy by using sheets with thickness of 2 to 32 mm, at a maximum height of the ribbon blade up to 600 mm and cross-sectional area of the bent material of 96 cm2.

Why you should choose us?

1. We produce blades without any waste, i.e. the wrap angle of a single blade is higher than 360 degrees. As a result, we lower the target number of blades on the shaft and, consequently, limit the costs.
2. We produce blades with extraordinary precision and quality.
3. We construct special purpose blades, e.g. with an incomplete form inside or on the outside, blades with variable travel, blades for tapered shafts, blades with variable diameters, ribbon blades, and other.
4. We are able to handle production of any blade and perpetual screw.
5. We provide support at each stage of the implementation, from design, selection of geometrical dimensions of the perpetual screw and its construction materials to commissioning and assertion of failure-free operation.
6. We guarantee that the perpetual screws we produce work flawlessly.
7. We are the best on the production market of screw blades and conveyors.
8. We work 16 h/day, 6 days in a week, and provide the fastest implementation of orders for blades and perpetual screws on the market.

CNC machine

The company machinery park includes a CNC to form blades with cold processing. The machine was imported from New Zealand and it is the ONLY machine with such wide capabilities that is used in Poland. The innovative method of blade forming allows shaping of details with regard to thickness of metal sheets from 2 to 32 mm, with an accurate manufacturing tolerance. Apart from typical carbon steel, it is possible to form types of high-alloy steel, such as: stainless, acid-resistant, heat-resistant steel. The innovative method of helix forming allows forming high-quality blades of extremely high repeatability of shapes.

What is more, the machine allows:

– forming of left and right blades,
– production of special-purpose blades, e.g. with an incomplete form inside or on the outside,
– shaping of blades with width of up to 600 mm,
– production of ribbon blades, – possibility of producing blades with variable diameters,
– range of shaft diameters from 25 to 600 mm,
– production of blades with travel of 50 to 800 mm,
– production of perpetual screws with a maximum outside diameter of 4100 mm !!!
– forming blades intended for round or square shafts.

Perpetual screw spiral by FMK Sp. z o.o. – applications

Screw spirals are the most important element of every screw conveyor. As an experienced producer of steel perpetual screws that has been on the market for many years, we have had the opportunity to deliver such solutions to various companies operating in the widely understood industrial, economic, construction, or power sector. Below, we present to you the summary of the most important applications that spirals for screw-conveyor feeders offered by our company can be used for.

Agriculture – spirals for screw conveyors

When it comes to perpetual screws we sell, they are most popular in agriculture. Apart from obvious applications, such as usage as a part of screw conveyors that have been already mentioned, a perpetual screw made of stainless steel, constructional steel, or wear resistant steel can also be used in many other agricultural machines. To date, we have had the opportunity to produce blades for perpetual screws to serve, among others, the following purposes:

  •  unloading and loading of silo installations,
  •  unloading of systems mounted on agricultural trailers,
  •  forage wagons and forage feeders,
  •  manure spreaders,
  •  systems used for grain drying,
  •  shafts located in combine headers, in which the perpetual screws are placed in a configuration that ensures guiding the whole output into the central part of the vehicle.

Food industry – screw-conveyor feeders, perpetual screw for gravity grain separators, and many other

Just like in the case of agriculture, the food industry also eagerly utilizes blades for perpetual screws as a part of feeding screws. There, they are used, among other purposes, to transport sugar, seeds, flour, or other types of loose products. As a part of that segment, they are pretty popular as spirals for gravity grain separators or ribbon mixers, i.e. as the key element in the construction of screw feeders, which currently have almost entirely reduced human involvement in industrial processes concerning mixing of various food ingredients. Another source, in which perpetual screws are used in the food industry, are automatic grinders dedicated for, e.g. meat shredding. Such equipment is facilitated, among others, with parts such as a cone worm the purpose of which is to transport chunks of meat to the main working perpetual screw. In the case of perpetual screws, food production is a sector that utilizes that solution to a wide extent.

Production of stainless-steel blades for water treatment plants

Although not many people are aware of it, the contribution of screw threads in machines used by water treatment plants is significant. Solutions, such as the stainless spiral are used, among others, in screw pumps that are to pump liquids of various density. They are also used in conveyors of lime, dehydrated sludge, or mixtures of sludge and lime. What is more, industrial perpetual screws produced by FMK Sp. z o.o. can be also used in sand washers, lime feeders, tanks with extracting bottoms, grit chamber screens, and various types of vertical and spiral screens.

Construction industry – driller screws and screw shafts

Without a doubt, the worm driller or screw driller, which is how this specific metal sheet blade is called, is one of the most important elements that allow efficient digging of trenches for posts, piles, or foundation footings with a circular cross-section. The construction blade is a particularly good solution for such tasks due to the utilization of the way the screw operates in, which allows making holes and, at the same time, extracting the output from them. As a part of our proposition, we offer you a varied array of products. Among them, one will find goods such as the pipe driller that is, among other purposes, used for drilling in soft, loamy layers of soil, the stiller agitator for various types of mortar, as well as a screw shaft that is frequently used as a part of loading machine buckets in order to achieve high precision in unloading of materials.

Transport – transport perpetual screws

Close transport is another branch of the industry that utilizes blades for perpetual screws. As a part of such transport, the transport perpetual screw is used in conveyors intended for transport of fuel, pellets, as well as any type of dense materials or materials that feature powder or grain consistency.  As the long-term producer of transport perpetual screws, FMK Sp. z o.o. have had the opportunity to provide transport spirals for companies that deal with transport of products used in sectors such as agriculture, construction, heating, food, and chemical industry.

Other application of our blades for perpetual screws

Other most popular ways to use the threads of perpetual screws should also include power generation, where they are present in form of the so-called Archimedean screws, also called screw turbines. In this scope, they are mainly used in small water power plants, where the Archimedean screw is the key element for generation of electricity. Our blades for perpetual screws are also often used in household central heating systems, as efficient feeders of fuel material. The materials we use for production of complete perpetual screws, as well as individual threads, include, among others, wear-resistant metal sheets, heat-resistant metal sheets, special-purpose steel. If you are interested in our presented offer, please do not hesitate to contact our personnel.


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