Renovations, repairs, and manufacture

of spare parts for devices and technological lines used in cement plants, limestone production plants, and gypsum factories.

The company produces spare parts for, i.a. a packing machine, a palletizer, a stretcher machine, screw, belt, scraper and bucket conveyors, mills, chamber dispensers, etc.

A group of workshop engineers prepares the reconstructive workshop documentation of worn or damaged details and devices.

Upon the customer’s request, we make changes in the constructional solutions. We also help select materials in order to increase the failure-free operation of devices.

Long-term works to improve production and services for the recipients resulted in many activities of the company:

  1. In order to minimize the storage costs of spare parts, we started consignment warehouses for our largest recipients within their premises. As of today, it is almost 850 drawing positions. They include spare parts as well as ready and assembled sub-assemblies. Such a solution allows minimization of costs connected with replacement time and consequent downtime of machines. Constant access to spare parts at a consignment warehouse give the possibility of uninterrupted work over modernization and improvement of construction solutions, which also leads to lower costs of Traffic Maintenance and Renovations.
  2. We maintain a storage of materials with various classes, which allows us immediately react to a notified failure, regardless the time at which it occurs.
  3. a machinery park that has been modernized and allows performing most of the technological operations independently
  4. a highly-qualified personnel, which greatly allows fast removal of a failure
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