Modernization of devices

in the cement, limestone and gypsum industry according to own solutions.

Upon request of the ordering party, we often undertake modernization of technological devices. The modernization covers changes in the construction or the material and heat and chemical treatment. They are to improve the adjustment of devices to specific user requirements and to enhance device life.

Examples of projects:

  • Modernization of a packer
  • Modernization of a palletizer
  • Modernization of a stretcher machine
  • Modernization of a dust removal installation
  • Modernization of bucket elevators
  • Modernization of a thread for transport of raw material
  • Construction and modernization of a transport and pneumatic dosing installation
  • Modernization, construction and assembly of screw conveyors – electrostatic precipitator
  • Modernization of a CKD installation for dust dosing
  • Modernization and unification of drums for belt conveyors
  • Modernization of drives for raw material transport conveyors
  • Modernization of a throw-off carriage
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