About the company

FMK Spółka z o.o. with its registered office in Leszcze is an enterprise that comprises of: a production plant of steel structures, a production department of technological devices and a department that deals with servicing of cement plants, limestone production plants, plasterboard and gypsum mixture factories, aggregate mines, and wood processing facilities. In 2017, we established the Department of Research and Development in our company.

We have been successfully operating on the Polish and foreign markets since 2000. We meet the highest standards and hold many certificates.

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The steelwork production plant deals with manufacture of industrial structures, supporting constructions, technological devices, pipes, and tanks.

The manufacture department involves manufacture of technological devices, complete lines and spare parts for the cement, limestone, gypsum, power, chemical, mining, and metallurgic industries.

As a part of servicing, we perform renovations, modernizations, ongoing inspections and ensure a supply of spare parts. We provide modernizations and spare parts according to own projects or the Customer’s documentation.

The company management board, managerial staff, engineers, and other employees have very broad knowledge and long-term experience within the scope of rendered services.

Our company conducts constant training for employees to increase their professional qualifications and to improve OH&S. The high quality of our services, competitive prices, timeliness, and long-term experience guarantee the satisfaction of our current and future Customers.

We perform traffic maintenance services at Małogoszcz Cement Plant, Nowiny Cement Plant and Dolina Nidy. Thanks to our long-term experience, we can constantly cooperate with traffic maintenance services, which encourages us to work constantly in order to modernize and improve parts and rendered services. Such operations greatly lower the costs.

Our company has a department for Technical Preparation of Production at which qualified personnel will solve even the most complex problem.

Competent quality control inspectors will not allow the use of defective elements.

With constant care for minimization of processing costs, FMK invests in purchases of new technologies and devices, i.a. CNC plasma cutters, a CNC milling plotter, CNC lathes, CNC brakes, a four-roll roll stand, a CNC press for forming of perpetual screw blades, as other machines and devices for mechanical processing and welding works.

We conduct constant unification of individual devices at the serviced companies in order to minimize the required number of spare parts.

The company constantly increases the value of its employees through holding various training courses organized by specialist external companies.

Long-term works to improve production and services for the recipients resulted in many activities of the company:

– In order to minimize the storage costs of spare parts, we started consignment warehouses for our largest recipients within their premises. As of today, it is almost 850 drawing positions. They include spare parts as well as ready and assembled sub-assemblies. Such a solution allows minimization of costs connected with replacement time and downtime of machines. Constant access to spare parts at a consignment warehouse give the possibility of uninterrupted work over modernization and improvement of construction solutions, which also leads to lower costs of Traffic Maintenance and Renovations.

– We maintain a storage of materials – about 120 tons of materials with various classes, which allows us immediately react to a notified failure, regardless the time at which it occurs.

– a machinery park that has been modernized and allows performing most of the technological operations independently

– a highly-qualified personnel, which greatly allows fast removal of a failure

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